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Radiator Pipe

What is the break-in process?
The break-in period of the Radiator pipe is similar to all other briar pipes. The first few bowls should only be packed half-full of tobacco and let the bowl rest 24 hrs between smokes. The one thing to keep in mind is that the smoke that exits the mouthpiece will be cooler than a standard briar pipe so you must take care not to overheat the bowl. Monitor the bowl temperature during break-in to get the hang of how the Radiator pipe behaves.

The frame itself does not have any break-in process and can be smoked continuously. Simply empty the well between bowls.

Why is there moisture in the base/stem?
The Radiator pipe is designed to condense moisture that is present in the smoke. This moisture condenses in the stem and deposits in the well at the base of the Radiator. This is intentional. Simply pour out the moisture between bowls. If you feel there is too much moisture in the stem, simply puff lightly into the mouthpiece to deposit the moisture in the base.

Does it pass a pipe cleaner?
Yes. All models will pass a pipe cleaner from mouthpiece to Radiator base.
Note: the Tall Bent frame requires a Churchwarden length pipe cleaner.

How do I clean it?
The bowl should be cleaned with a traditional pipe tool or pipe cleaner as normal briar pipe bowls.
The Radiator frame (bowl removed) can be washed in lukewarm tap water in your kitchen sink. Simply pass running water through the frame via the threaded Radiator base opening until it pours out of the mouthpiece.

Is the mouthpiece removable?
Yes. The mouthpiece is removable for replacement and does not need to be removed for cleaning. To remove the mouthpiece hold the stainless steel stem as close to the mouthpiece as possible and then twist and pull the mouthpiece off.


What materials is it made of?
The Radiator pipe is made of 4 different materials. The base is made of anodized Aluminium, the stem is made of Stainless Steel, the mouthpiece is made of Acrylic, and the bowl is made of Italian Briar.

Are the bowls and frames interchangeable?
The Radiator is a modular system pipe. All bowls will fit all bases and even the mouthpieces are interchangeable. The stem tubes are not removable from the Radiator base.

Which model smokes the best.
The model that maximizes the condensing effect of the Radiator pipe is the one with the most metal surface area and the most vertical stem. The Tall Bent frame is currently the best smoking model although all models smoke cooler than a standard briar pipe.

Are the Chris Morgan Bones Radiators compatible with the rest of the Radiator line?
The Bones Radiator is a collaboration between Chris Morgan Design and H. Wiebe. It is a marriage of the Morgan Pipes Bones line and the H Wiebe Radiator. They are available exclusively on www.morganpipes.com and represent an excellent value in modern smoking devices. Its bowl and frame are completely compatible with the Radiator line of components.


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